Maatouks Law Group & Our Team

Please note;  we are not able to assist everyone with every single demand that is made upon us, as you can imagine, the task that we have taken on is huge. As such, some of you may wish to seek some support from other organisations that have reached out to us and support the same causes, and are dealing with similar issues on the ground daily. One group in particular that you can look into is found here,  Australians Say No web page.

Another organisation is known as Human Rights Advocates; they state that they have assisted, by way of training advocates on the ground to support with employment and consumer complaints; they have also linked with lawyers and paid agents, who can assist you in your first line of defence against any potential termination and discrimination by employers, through filing Fair Work and Industrial Relations Claims. Please feel free to visit https://humanrightsadvocates.com.au/complaints and enquire as to if they can assist you.

We also suggest that you check out People for Safe Vaccines, they are backing and sponsoring some of these employment challenges, as well as helping people on the ground through education and campaigning.

We note that our firm has no financial affiliations with any of the above, nor do we have any associations or dealings with them apart from an understanding that they may be able to assist you if we are too busy to attend to your specific matter. Of course if you are able to wait for our assistance we are more than happy to be there for you.

Please carry out your own research and enquiries into these organisations and decide for yourself if you would like to use their services. We take no responsibility in this regard.

All Australian’s need to work together and stick together during these difficult times and as you can see, it has never been about financial gains or interests for Mr Maatouk, hence is openness and willingness to provide this information to you.

We personally have openly stated that we accept support, assistance and encouragement from anyone and we urge all Australian’s to unite and remain united as one during these very difficult and unchartered times that we are all experiencing as a nation.