We are currently spearheading two major actions in the Courts. However, we are scoping other opportunities for action that will not be overturned on questions of standing and utility.

We know that people have been recently disappointed with the decision made against the AVN on the question of standing. We suspected that that will be a problem for AVN from the outset. Our preference is to locate an actual vaccine injured child before we challenge the vaccine roll out for that age group.

We are committing all our resources into locating a seriously injured child for the purpose of preparing a merits review at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal rather than a judicial review that will examine closely the science justifying these harmful vaccines.

We urge you to get behind our actions and support these claims and if you are a parent of a seriously injured child from the COVID-19 vaccinations to join up and urgently make contact with us. We don’t want to be thrown out of Court on a technicality. We would rather strengthen our claim by bringing these injuries to the surface and choose appropriate lead applicants.

All donations are linked to our Law Society Trust Account.

If you have been impacted by mandatory directions in relation to COVID-19 vaccination, influenza vaccination, masking and other PPE, hotel detention, RT-PCR testing, forcible closure of business, services and/or places of worship, or restriction of visitation and/or access to loved ones, and if you have been personally injured by a vaccine and/or have lost a loved one, friend or family member to the vaccine then you may be eligible to be part of one of our actions.

We urge you to fill out the application form enclosed so that we may be able to allocate you to the appropriate action in your State and Territory as well as any National Class Action, in addition to any possible High Court Challenge to protect our children.

The Class Actions will require lead applicants. These are the class action members who are happy to put their names and stories to the front and spearhead the action in court. For the purposes of mitigating any consequence to a lead applicant, an ideal lead would be someone who does not own property, or have significant savings. Because a lead applicant is heading the group action, they will not be required to make a financial contribution.

If you are not a lead applicant and are able to make a financial contribution then we urge you to make a donation to assist our cause here.

All donations are linked to our Law Society Trust Account.